100% Spanish Garlic

Morat Garlic Paste

Morat Garlic Paste

Premium Quality

MORAT was created to meet the demands of clients who needed a quality refrigerated garlic paste at a competitive price. To extend the product’s shelf life, we add citric acid that does not impair the properties or flavour.

Keep refrigerated between 0ºC and 4ºC.
Best before: 8 months.
Protect from light.

Keep frozen between -18ºC and -20ºC.
Best before: 12 months.
Protect from light.

Cubo de pasta de ajo Morat

Chilled or Frozen Garlic Paste. SALTED

Particularly suited to the meat, canned food and sauce industries.

With a smooth creamy appearance, it preserves all of garlic’s natural properties, flavour and aroma.

Contains between 8 and 15% salt, which may be modified at the client’s request.

Download the product data sheet for garlic paste with 8% sal

FT 05M08 Morat 08 Rev13 EN

Plastic buckets: 1, 5, 12, 14 and 20 kg.

1 kg.

Cardboard box: 410x275x145 mm – 1 kg bucket x 6 units

Euro Pallet: 1200x800x360 kg (60 boxes).

5 kg.

5 kg buckets without a box.

Euro Pallet: 1200×800 500 kg (100 boxes).

12 kg.

12 kg buckets without a box.

Euro Pallet: 1200×800 408 kg (34 boxes).

20 kg.

20 kg buckets without a box.

Euro Pallet: 1200×800 540 kg. (27 buckets).


company R&D

We will cooperate closely with you to develop exclusive garlic products for you. We strive to offer you, as a strategic partner, the best solution for all your needs. We are constantly developing new products:

  • Natural sliced garlic cloves.
  • frozen garlic cloves
  • Frozen garlic cubes


Did you know...?

Garlic has been well known and appreciated for its health benefits since ancient times. Regular consumption helps reduce cholesterol, aids blood circulation, strengthens the respiratory system and has disinfectant and antiseptic properties. Without a doubt, it is the food with the greatest healing power.



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Cubo de pasta de ajo congelada
Fiambreras de Ajos pelados