Excellent seal of quality

Exclusive production

At AJOPEL we work towards the same goal every day: respect for our clients, who deserve the best products, and respect for the garlic, which adds flavour and offers healing properties. To maintain your trust, we comply with the most meticulous hygiene and quality standards.


Quality and Health

Our facilities are kept in perfect sanitary conditions for healthy and safe food production. We preserve all of the garlic’s original properties without using chemical additives.

Certificación IFS
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IFS certification

We have set up a quality and hygiene management system monitored periodically by external inspections.
Its principles guide our daily work and enable us to work more effectively with our clients and suppliers with trust and stability.

Certificación IFS
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Premium Products

Our products stand out because they retain all of the original health, flavour, aroma and piquancy properties of garlic. The key to our success is strict selection of the garlic, and natural preparation without chemical additives. Our star products contain only “Las Pedroñeras” purple garlic.

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Reliable suppliers

We have a very strict supplier selection system to obtain top-quality garlic. We regularly work with the same suppliers and we personally inspect them to guarantee the constant quality of our primary resource.


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